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About Us

We believe in naturally beautiful golf courses that adhere to their setting and maintain a true sense of place. Golf courses should also be sustainable—both environmentally and financially—and functional. Learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Golf Course Design

We take an organic approach to golf course architecture—from routing to shaping to detail finishing to turf grass selection. Whether it is a new course or a local project, we strive to make your golf course the best possible version of itself.

Shaping + Finish Work

When we build a golf course feature, the idea is to make it appear as if it was never built at all. We take a craftsman-like approach, carefully molding all the course’s key features ourselves, ensuring that they both look right and play properly. It is this emphasis on the finer details that can elevate a golf course from being just simply “good” to something special.

Hochstein Design emphasizes making a connection with the courses on which we work. We do the work in the field, getting on the machines to meticulously shape the critical features of the golf course, reacting to the ground and developing new ideas all along the way. We believe in creating positive relationships with everyone involved in a project, from the client to the superintendent to the golfers to the workers on the labor crew. A successful golf project involves a lot of work, and everyone is important to the process.
— Brett Hochstein

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